David Adams is a partner in Al & David LLC. located in Terre Haute Indiana. We concentrate on renovating and repurposing historic buildings. We also offer public parking in the SkyGarden Downtown Parking Garage.

Currently, we are renovating the property located at 123 South 7th Street, Terre Haute, IN.

Recently renovated property at 119 South 7th Street. The Haute House Flats is retail/office on the first floor and Haute House Flats on the second level. The Flats will be 4 luxury apartments consisting of 1 three-bedroom, 2 two-bedroom, and 1 one-bedroom unit.

We also own the property at 4th and Wabash in the center of downtown Terre Haute. We are currently marketing the property for build to suit, lease or sale.

4th and Wabash Property

SkyGarden Downtown Parking Garage